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PROFESSIONALISM AND ETHICS: Firstly, respect for the candidate and to the process.


Experienced, customized, speedy and with competitive costs:

We are an international consulting company expert in headhunting, interim management and assessment.

Customized customer-to-customer and requester-to-requester service, in addition to quality and speedy demands delivery are the differentials of CL.

We serve the company in all its demands, "C" level, Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Analysts.
If there is a provision of service to be proposed, it has to be complete!
Search of experts and interim professionals for specific projects.



We find the best of each one, respecting the candidate and the process.

We are an international consulting company expert in headhunting, interim management and assessment. Since 1998 we have been operating in the human resources area, customizing solutions and services to better meet the market demands.

In Brazil, we have a nationwide operation, through our bases in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Abroad, Europe and Africa, in partnership with HeadPartners – HR Strategic Advisory.

Efficiency above all. The methodology used ensures:

Customized customer-to-customer, requester-to-requester service.

Delivering results with speedy and quality differentials – average of two weeks;

Reduced operational costs, allowing an operation with competitive values compared to the market.

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Founded in 1998, with the purpose of providing services in the Interim Management concept, allocating experienced professionals in high-level positions for the development of specific activities in pre-established periods.
Since August 2000, CL has being extending the scope, comprising, in addition to the Interim Management, the Headhunting/ Executive Search.
In 2003, we joined Agnis Human Resources, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, ensuring CL demands for the region. And, in 2008, CL made a partnership with HeadParters – HR Strategic Advisory, resulting in bilateral Europe/Brazil exchange of products and information. As a part of our philosophy, products and services are constantly expanded and revised aligned with the global conjuncture demand.



The executive Headhunting / Executive Search activity consists in the action to identify in the market professionals that meet the specific needs of demandant companies.

How we operate?

  1. Phase 1 | Evaluation
    Understanding the contracting organization and defining the professional ideal profile.
  2. Phase 2 | Search and selection
    We map, validate, interview, develop evaluations, and issue opinions and reports.
  3. Phase 3 | Processes delivery
    The candidates’ process is delivered in customized folders, in a meeting with the position requester.
  4. Phase 4 | Follow-up
    We provide all support for the interviews, following the activities thoroughly and in detail.
  5. Phase 5 | Post-hiring
    We guarantee the professional replacement, in case of dismissal within less than 180 days from hiring date.
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Interim management

Hiring professionals expert in projects


We allocate professionals with large experience in high-level positions, such as coordinators, managers, directors, presidents, council members for the development of specific activities in pre-established periods.

Hiring people not linked to the organization environment results in the possibility of indicating and implementing differential changes, and which add value through the cultures and approaches synergy.

As they do not compete for jobs, do not interfere in career/succession plans, and do not get involved in company policies, they become facilitators in the communication between positions and people, minimizing the downside that the power internal competition causes in corporate environments.

As they are interims, they have a greater freedom to express opinions, points of view and action plans; and since they are committed to a goal, they do not lose the focus to solve other issues.

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We clarify with the customer what they want to receive, evaluating the appropriate options, costs, manner, and performance profile, always attentive to the contract interim character, following and coordinating the work progress and ensuring the project continuity in case of impediments.

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Costs reduction
Since these are punctual and specific resources, they do not require the human resources maintenance for all situations.
During the specified period, the activity is performed full-time and does not involve labor risks to the contractor.
Professional Profile
An expert in accomplishing specific missions and, above all, in solving problems.
A mixture of executive and advisor, a professional who works for specific projects.


  • Who made a career choice;
  • Entrepreneur focused on searching for his Performance and satisfaction in work;
  • Self-motivated;
  • With specific qualifications and differentials;
  • Senior and experienced in qualifications, with age from 40 years;
  • Financially stable to be able to manage possible “long” periods between contracts;
  • Skillful in dealing with people;
  • Competent in identifying effective solutions for challenges found;


  • Multicultural acquisitions;
  • “Perennial” income source;
  • Insertion in a growing labor market;
  • Flexible way to work;


When hiring?

The hiring of an Interim Professional can occur in several situations - non-exhaustive list

New Management Models
Definition and Consultancy
Turnaround Processes
Definition and Consultancy
Know-how Upgrade
Promotion of technological advances
Multiannual Strategic Planning
Implementation and follow-up
Sum of Experiences
In companies with young management teams
Merger and Acquisition
Advisory in the processes
Company/Business Evaluation
Before massive investments
Projects Execution
Preparation and coordination
Filling a position
During the holder absence
Professional test
Before an effective hiring
Review of Operational Processes
Streamlining programs
Foreign companies and/or management
Support on the arrival in the country
Corporate reorganizations
Evaluation and implementation
Operational controls
Review or implementation for growing companies



Executives and professionals assessment

The correct allocation of a professional to a company is validated by an assessment tool. Through this methodology, behavioral aspects, motivations and qualifications are identified ensuring the alignment with the process. In addition, periodically the companies need to review their strategic plan and restructure their activities. This reality, pushed by the speed imposed by the global market, results in the constant evaluation review and adequacy of executives and professionals who incorporate the “Head Count”. We use the methodology of www.ttisi.com.br, validated in 90 countries, 30 languages, and which we classify as one of the “top ten” assessment tools of the world market.

Their products are customized in order to meet the globalized corporate world demands, in all levels: from “C Level” to the pyramid bottom.

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Technical and behavioral qualification


We map the specific needs and present a work proposal customized to the time and need.

Projects are implemented using the methodologies and techniques that may be required.

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Recruitment of operating positions.

This process is fully developed by a partner company:

The activity is to identify in the market the professionals for early career operating positions: call center; plant floor, shop floor...

Through the application developed for mobile devices, georeferenced candidates are identified and selected (with home near the workplace) in deadlines, sometimes, of less than 24 hours. Until the interview all interface with the candidates is made digitally, that is: no contact with the requesting company selection area. The cost for the hired candidate is equivalent to 10% of that practiced in the market.

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This process is fully developed by a partner company:

Under “success fee” regime, by means of sophisticated software, supported by a shared services center the transport voucher full management is offered throughout the national territory.

The management ensures the settlement of all weakness and inconsistencies in the complex management process of transport vouchers. As a result the generated saving reaches 40% of the total amount spent in this benefit.

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